how to remove cement from steel

an amazing CEMENT REMOVER SUPER FOR STAINLESS STEEL at a cheap price in India.

Dry & Hard Cement Remover Dissolver / Cleaner For Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Plastic & Rubber

The action of clean-off Highly Concentrated Cement Remover and Inorganic Dirt Remover eliminated all residues of cement, glue, grout, and varnish, without changing the color of joints and restoring the original appearance to the treated surfaces, removing cement stains efficiently.

Effectively removes cement/cement clinker cargo deposits, dry cement stains, and lime.

how to remove cement from steel surface.

Please Follow the below-given Direction of use:

Please Apply our chemical in a Small Area Before Apply on a Large Surface.

No Liability for Any Damages.

It’s an amazing Ready-to-Use Liquid Chemical.

1. Spray onto the surface, needing Dry and hard cement stains removal / Dissolve.

2. Please Wait at least 30 min (allowing chemicals to react overnight or between shifts is acceptable).

3. Powerwash equipment and parts to remove residual concrete.

4. Extremely heavy residuals may require multiple repeat treatments.

5. Wear appropriate personal protection equipment (PLEASE USE SAFETY GOGGLES, GLOVES, AND MASKS WHEN YOU USE IT).

6. As with all acids, someone should not spray it on a hot surface.

Being Liquid The Material Can Be Handle Safely With Other Goods In Tightly Closed Jars However Should Not Store in a Dry Place.


Precautions-handling/Storing: Store Indoors.

Non-Flammable Cleaning Liquid Handle With Cares.