How to Remove Hardened Cement from the metal Surface with CRCFM2000.

find here How to Remove Hardened Cement from the metal surface with CRCFM2000.

cement and Concrete splatters from construction sites and highway projects may seem tricky to remove from your car without scratching the paint.

However, you can easily remove cement stains on your own without breaking the bank!

Start by dissolving the concrete with liquid Hardened Cement remover CRCFM2000.

then wipe off the remaining cement with a cloth and clay bar and finish the job by adding a layer of wax.

Block off the area surrounding the stain with masking tape.

Put down 3-4 pieces of masking tape (also known as painter’s tape) on each side of the stain to give yourself a safety net for any over-spray.

If you spray the original parts of your car with the cleaning solution, you could accidentally damage the paintwork.

Do not use duct tape for this step because it can damage the car’s paint.

If there are multiple cement stains, tape around each of them before moving on to the next step.

Use a special liquid cement dissolver on the stains for a simple solution.

You can buy one of these liquid cement dissolvers at a local hardware store or purchase an online bottle from us.

The liquid solution dissolves calcium from the cement, which means the leftover cement stains can be safely removed.

These solutions are environmentally safe acid alternatives with an active ingredient that occurs naturally.

Spray the stains with CRCFM2000 for a more affordable solution.

Fill a spray bottle with half pure CRCFM2000, then top it off with lukewarm water.

Shake the contents of the spray bottle for 5 minutes.

The CRCFM2000 acidity dissolves the cement, making it easier to remove.

a 1L bottle of cement dissolving can cost starting from INR 1000.